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    and ethical food systems in Asia

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  • About Us

    At Good Growth, we work with alternative protein companies, animal welfare nonprofits and social impact funders to understand consumers, scope new markets and prototype products & programmes.

    Our Vision

    A sustainable food system that ensures the well-being of both humans and animals.

    Our Mission

    Accelerating the adoption of sustainable and ethical diets through research and service design.

  • Our Services

    We help organisations make better decisions through research and design.

    Customer and stakeholder research

    Combining techniques from business, design and the social sciences, we uncover insights about your target audience. This could be customers, partners, beneficiaries etc. to better understand and engage with them.


    We can deploy a range of tools and techniques from user interviews and focus groups to diary studies, surveys and more.


    Industry and ecosystem mapping

    We can help you with your pre-market entry research to better understand the market, map out the ecosystem of stakeholders, and inform your go-to-market strategy.

    Product and Programme Testing

    With our team’s combined experience launching and working in startups, we can deploy design thinking strategies to help your team prototype a new product or initiative, as well as get feedback for future iterations.

  • Our Clients

    We support local and international organisations to build ethical and sustainable food systems in Asia.

    Food Systems & Animal Welfare Nonprofits

    We help organisations understand Asian markets, assess threats, identify opportunities, and find talent for potential expansion.

    Alternative Protein Companies and Investors

    We help companies looking to assess and enter markets in Asia, and provide investors with insights that aid deal decisions while supporting existing portfolio companies.

    Research Organisations and Funders 

    We help funders looking for Asian-based researchers to tackle a list of prioritised research questions and/or RFPs. Looking for an Asia-based contractor to help deliver international research? We can help! 

  • Our Work

    Some of the research and studies we have done so far

    Capacity Building Gaps within FAW/Vegan Organisations in Asia

    Commissioned by Animal Advocacy Africa, we sought out to understand the challenges and needs faced by FAW/vegan organisations in Asia. The findings and recommendations are intended for funders and capacity builders in the region who want to find actionable, effective ways to grow the movement in the region.

    Understanding the Plant-based Market in China: Consumption Trends and Consumer Personas

    A mixed methods study on Chinese consumers’ perceptions of plant-based meat funded by Food System Research Fund.

    Using a survey of 1200+ consumers, 10 focus groups and a series of food diaries, we tried to uncover motivations behind why people eat what they eat, and understand what may trigger them to try/buy plant-based meat.

    Growing A Community: How To Support Farmed Animal Protection In China

    Our lead researcher, Jah Ying, partnered with Faunalytics to conduct a study of farmed animal welfare-related advocates in China. The report identified key challenges and bottlenecks to growing the movement, as well as opportunities for capacity building and advocacy.

    China Alternative Protein Data Catalogue

    A working prototype of a database that aggregates industry data sets to provide a consolidated view of China’s alternative protein industry.


    We are continuing to explore ways on how we can make data useful for advocates and companies. Message us if you have ideas on how we can work together!

    New Business Ideas to Support the Plant-based Industry in Asia

    We worked with a client to identify business opportunities and come up with a business plan. The business model would revolve around helping industry players grow the market for plant-based food products in one of the biggest countries in Asia.

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  • Our Team

    We bring together professionals across academia, business and design to deliver rigorous and actionable research. With a network across the globe, we bring multicultural, interdisciplinary perspectives to research and design.

    Core Team

    Founder and Lead Researcher

    Jah Ying is a social and market researcher, with 10 years of experience working with NGOs, social enterprises and startups across Asia and Europe. Her recent work focuses on the animal welfare and alternative protein industry in Asia, including consumer studies on attitudes towards plant-based products and farmed animal welfare in China, as well as landscape analyses of animal advocacy across Asia.


    She is currently studying the intersection of farmed animal welfare and organisational decision-making at the University of Sydney, aiming to apply academic research and entrepreneurial experience to develop effective tools for animal advocacy in Asia. Previously, Jah Ying founded and sold a student sponsorship startup, and led climate change campaigns in China and East Asia.

    Head of Design and Operations

    Ella is an experienced project manager in user research and stakeholder engagement. She has led stakeholder and market research projects related to the alt protein industry in China, as well as the animal advocacy movement in Asia. She is also in charge of the distribution of research insights and general operations for Good Growth.


    Prior to joining, she was involved in running sustainability-related training programmes for corporates and government bodies. She also has experience in UX research & design and stakeholder management for a top property developer in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In her spare time, you can find her trying the latest plant-based protein products around town.

    Our Collaborators

    We're hiring!

    We are looking for a part-time Research Designer to help with research sharing (reports, social media) and application (workshops, pilots and trials) design. If you're interested in research related to farmed animal welfare & alternative proteins in Asia, check out the job description below and contact us!

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    If you are interested in working with us, please reach out!