• The Good Growth Co.

    Scaling the world's most impactful organizations

  • Who do we work with?

    We help organizations focused on the following areas


    the future

    AI alignment, nuclear weapon safety, pandemic preparedness

    Making the planet sustainable

    Clean energy and transport, plant-based meat and cellular agriculture


    Rationality training, community-building, health and well-being

  • What Can We Do?

    We help organizations solve their problems, save time and increase their impact through the DOTS cycle.

    Design & Deploy

    We help organizations identify and test hypotheses to scale their current products and programs. We bring in a "growth SWAT team" to help orgs run pilots, before having to invest in new talent and systems.


    With pilots implemented and data flowing in, we streamline the process and institute the proper systems and documentation for low cost knowledge transfer.

    Talent & Training

    Using the processes we set up, we train up organizations' teams to be able to independently run the project. We may also acquire external talent that would be an ideal fit.


    We facilitate communication internally and externally to users, funders and community members by improving the strategy and creating content (pitch decks, websites...)

  • OUR services

    Whether you need to test, automate, or expand, we have a myriad of services to help you amplify your impact, such as:

    User and Talent Research

    We help organizations understand their users, prospective hires, customers and donors. We collect user information and create personas to align on the audience.



    We help create comprehensive digital campaigns that optimizes the message, audience, and channel to deliver results.




    We help organizations take projects from zero to one. From ideation to storytelling to deployment, we bring a product to the market with you step by step while ensuring you are ready to take the reins.

  • Our Stakeholders

    Our Clients

    High impact non-profits and founders.

    Our Funders

    Impact "investors" seeking to maximize their social ROI

    Our Talent Pipeline

    Professionals looking to move into a more impactful career

    Our Partners

    Startups providing growth tools and services

  • Our Team

    We bring together the best impact-focussed talent in digital marketing, growth hacking, community building and business operations.

    Jah Ying Chung | #storytelling #B2B #comms

    Startup founder: built and sold a sponsorship marketplace in Asia connecting 25,000 nonprofits with 2,000 brands.

    Growth consultant for mission-driven startups from idea stage to Series B


    Oliver Bramford | #digitalmarketing #socialmedia #x-risk

    Digital marketing consultant for 5+ years (digital strategy, SEO, PPC, CRO, content strategy, social media advertising)




    Florent Berthet | #talent #operations

    EA France co-founder

    Founder and president of the first Sudbury school in Lyon, France

    Former entrepreneurship teacher


    Trustee of the EA Hotel

    Graham Miao | #growth #digital

    Early employee at Strikingly (first Chinese startup to enter YC) handling growth and content.

    EA Shanghai head organizer


  • Testimonials

    "We needed to test out the market in Hong Kong, and Good Growth understood both our mission - effective altruism - and the context we needed to operate in, the Hong Kong startup scene.


    Jah Ying is diligent, efficient and a strong leader. Good Growth opened up their network to us, and helped realise our launch night.


    If you're a small, lean, and results-focused orgs like us, give the team a try."


    - Ben Clifford, Community Director at Founders Pledge

    "We wanted to collaborate with a Chinese agency to build our digital assets, and Good Growth has people with such experience.


    They helped us handle work, communicate, and provide sanity checks when things didn’t go as smoothly as expected. Thanks to Good Growth for their help!”


    - Alicia Huang, Operations Manager at CLTP

    "Good Growth is professional, passionate, and creative. They helped coordinate and interview target users with us, successfully finding user groups and pain points we should focus on."


    - Nick Zhang, Solution Engineer at Insight Robotics


    "Good Growth contributed good advice on people strategy, and transferred their know-how to speedily develop our internal capacity. Every kind of business ready to act and adopt may benefit from this."


    - Kevin Chan, CEO at Insight Robotics

  • Contact

    If you want to join our pool of talent or if you need our help, please reach out to us!