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    Maximising impact with research and design

  • Who We Are

    Good Growth is a research and design firm that helps organisations understand and engage with their stakeholders.


    Our goal is to help decision makers collect and apply evidence to make better decisions and maximise their organisation's social impact.

  • Our Services

    User Research


    We help you discover and understand your users via rigorous research methods. We extract key insights, and share an honest picture of what your users are really thinking.

    Market Research


    We find out the players in the market and map out the ecosystem of players for a bird's eye view on the dynamics and relationships in your industry ecosystem.


    Service Design

    We help you design an effective and flexible strategy based on your vision and current situation. Our approach is personalized, so we can support you at any stage of the process, and at any layer of your organization.


    We work with a variety of mission-driven companies, startups, foundations and community organisations.


    We bring together a team across business, design and academia to deliver rigorous and actionable research. Hailing from 6 countries across 3 continents, we bring multicultural, interdisciplinary perspectives to stakeholder engagement.

    Core Team

    Jah Ying Chung


    Jah Ying's experience traverses causes, disciplines and geographies; from coordinating climate campaigns across East Asia (with 350.org), researching social movements in Oxford, to mentoring entrepreneurs in the Balkans, and building (and selling) a digital sponsorship marketplace for student NGOs across Asia. Jah Ying created Good Growth to address common bottlenecks that prevented organisations from maximising their social impact.

    Ella Wong


    Focused on helping organisations succeed through innovation, Ella is an experienced project manager. She was the founding member of Swire Properties' tech and innovation team, and has designed various innovation training programmes for companies and government bodies. She also has experience in sales and operations for a coworking space and coding bootcamp.


    Researchers We Work With

    Designers We Work With

    Project Assistants

  • Testimonials

    "Few people would be as capable of identifying and executing a tractable project in a complex area as Jah Ying. She identified the unmet needs of a diverse set of stakeholders, and then translated them into a tangible project.


    Based on how she engaged with key stakeholders, I believe Jah Ying is unusually strong at several communication skills: eagerness at seeking out feedback, responding to it in appropriate ways, and juggling the interests of a diverse set of stakeholders."


    - Max Daniel, Program Manger,

    Future of Humanity Institute

    "Jah Ying led a talented team at Good Growth to facilitate a business transformation in our company. She helped pilot the direction of a new product line backed by solid data, as a result of earnest research effort. More importantly, Jah Ying established design thinking mindsets among our top management, creating positive impacts for the company in the long run. I’m deeply impressed by her expertise in the subject matter."


    - Justin Lau, Scrum Master, Insight Robotics

    "We needed to test out the market in Hong Kong, and Good Growth understood both our mission - effective altruism - and the context we needed to operate in, the Hong Kong startup scene.


    Jah Ying is diligent, efficient and a strong leader. Good Growth opened up their network to us, and helped realise our launch night.


    If you're a small, lean, and results-focused orgs like us, give the team a try."


    - Ben Clifford, Community Director at Founders Pledge

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