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    Accelerating the growth of ethical and sustainable food systems in Asia with actionable research and design

  • Our work

    We help organisations and funders identify strategies, products and programs to grow effectively in Asia.

    Our research supports decision-making in three main areas:

    Farmed Animal Welfare

    We help advocacy organisations and funders understand animal production and consumption in Asia. This includes conducting in-depth research on farming systems as well as behaviours and attitudes towards animal protein consumption and reduction. Our research provide context-relevant insights to shape advocacy campaigns and drive positive change for farmed animals.

    Alternative Proteins

    We assist startups, food companies, and ecosystem builders in understanding consumer behaviour, attitudes, and market segmentation. Our research helps inform market entry strategies and key areas of support, from product development and marketing to distribution, with the aim to facilitate the growth of the alternative protein industry across Asia.


    Ecosystem Growth 

    We support funders and capacity builders by mapping out the landscape of stakeholders in Asia, identifying key opportunities and challenges for growing the ecosystem of animal advocacy. Through our research, you can strategically invest in initiatives that foster positive change, create a sustainable advocacy network, and effectively address the challenges within the region.
  • Research In Progress

    We have several ongoing research projects in the field.

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    Advancing Research-Driven Advocacy with the ACE Movement Grant

    As proud recipients of ACE Movement Grants, our upcoming initiatives focus on increasing data accessibility and enhancing advocate engagement.


    Throughout the next year, we will hold action-driven workshops to create new intervention ideas, and test out ways to increase advocate access to existing research and data.

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    International Advocate Strategy Study with Faunalytics

    In partnership with the Pollination Project and Faunalytics, we are conducting a study to understand how strategic decisions are made by groups in different regions.


    Using a survey and focus group discussions, we will dive into the strategies employed by international advocacy groups, and the factors that go into their decision-making. We will also work with advocates to co-create potential solutions for their current challenges. The full report will be shared in Q2 2024.

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    Harnessing the Power of Stakeholder-Engaged Research In Animal Advocacy

    This project explores different approaches to involving key stakeholders in food systems research, developing a framework for research design and analysis.


    While we demonstrate the application of this framework to the context of farmed animal advocacy research in China/SE Asia, it also provides a generalisable tool for researchers and funders in future project design and evaluation.

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    Scoping Collaboration Across Social Movements In Southeast Asia

    In partnership with Faunalytics, this study investigates the potential for strategic collaboration between the farmed animal advocacy movement and other social movements in Southeast Asia.


    By examining the missions, goals, and strategies of diverse movements, the study seeks to identify collaborative opportunities that could amplify impact and effectiveness in the region.

  • Research Highlights

    We help organisations understand Asian consumers and stakeholders to develop effective strategies in the region.

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    How familiar are Chinese consumers with plant-based meat?

    Our study published in the Journal of Human Nutrition and Dietetics looked at Chinese consumers’ diets, familiarity with plant-based meat, how they feel about these products, and which attitudes and demographic characteristics were associated with willingness to purchase.


    Read summarised findings in this blog post.

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    What are the different types of Chinese consumers?

    We drilled deeper into different consumer personas based on their motivators for food consumption and found 5 different personas with varying levels of potential for plant-based meat consumption.


    Read our report for product/marketing strategies for plant-based meat in China here.



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    What are the challenges and opportunities faced by the animal advocacy community in China?

    In partnership with Faunalytics, we worked with members of the Chinese animal protection community in China to understand the advocacy landscape and the challenges and opportunities faced in this nascent field.


    The study is accessible here.

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    Chinese Consumers' Attitudes Towards Animal Welfare

    Building on the results of the previous study, we conducted focus groups to test advocates’ assumptions of Chinese consumer attitudes towards meat consumption, farmed animal welfare, and higher welfare products. We tested different campaign messages across 8 demographic groups, identifying grandparents and mothers as highly receptive audiences.

    Read our key findings for the study here.


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    Capacity Building Gaps within Farmed Animal Organisations in Asia

    Commissioned by Animal Advocacy Africa, this study aimed to identify the challenges and needs of FAW/vegan organizations in Asia, informing the organisation’s strategy to launch their programme in Asia.


    The findings and recommendations are also applicable to funders and capacity builders in the region who want to find actionable, effective ways to grow the movement in the region.


    Read the full report here

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    Farming systems in Thailand and Indonesia

    In partnership with a large international NGO, we are researching the multiple aspects of the Thai and Indonesian farm animal landscape, to assess whether and how to effectively enter these new markets. As part of our systematic study of national, we will conduct desktop research, stakeholder interviews with over 20 animal industry stakeholders, and a consumer survey of 400 respondents per country.




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    Consumer diets and perceptions towards plant-based meat in SE Asia

    In collaboration with the Good Food Institute APAC, we have conducted foundational research on six countries in South East Asia to guide decision-making for startups, corporates, investors, and policymakers.


    Utilising mixed-methods research like semiotics, focus groups, a 6000-respondent survey, and segmentation analysis, we aim to understand consumer attitudes and promising segments of alternative protein markets in SEA.


    Read the findings summary here 


    Full report here 

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  • A little more about us

    At Good Growth, we work with alternative protein companies, animal welfare nonprofits, and social impact funders to understand consumers, scope new markets and prototype products & programmes.

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    Our Vision

    A sustainable food system that ensures the well-being of both humans and animals.


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    Our Mission

    Accelerating the growth of ethical and sustainable food systems in Asia with actionable research and design

  • Who we work with

    We support local and international organisations to build ethical and sustainable food systems in Asia.

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    Food Systems & Animal Welfare Nonprofits

    We help organisations understand Asian markets, assess threats, identify opportunities, and find talent for potential expansion.




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    Alternative Protein Companies and Investors

    We help companies looking to assess and enter markets in Asia, and provide investors with insights that aid deal decisions while supporting existing portfolio companies.



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    Research Organisations and Funders


    We help funders looking for Asian-based researchers to tackle a list of prioritised research questions and/or RFPs. Looking for an Asia-based contractor to help deliver international research? We can help!


  • What our partners say

    "The research was helpful as it directly guided/informed our internal decision making on whether or not our work could be relevant to Asia... doing the research first potentially saved us enormous amounts of time and helped us avoid making potentially difficult-to-reverse actions due to sunk cost fallacy, motivated reasoning, etc."


    Lynn Tan, Co-Founder, Animal Advocacy Africa

    "I'm really grateful for the partnership that Faunalytics and Good Growth have built. Their unique insights and experience have been invaluable to ensuring that the international research we conduct is useful and actionable for animal advocates while remaining culturally and politically sensitive. They're thoughtful, easy to work with, and I can't recommend them highly enough."


    Brooke Haggerty, Executive Director, Faunalytics

    "The Good Growth team were excellent to work with – they were really responsive to our initial queries in finalising the research brief and agreeing the delivery timeline. The end research report will help us to build a much stronger platform to develop our future campaigns. I hope to work with them again on our next project."


    Head of Asia Development, international animal advocacy organisation

  • The team

    We bring together professionals across academia, business and design to deliver rigorous and actionable research. With a network across the globe, we bring multicultural, interdisciplinary perspectives to research and design.

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    Founder and Lead Researcher

    Jah Ying is a social and market researcher, with 10 years of experience working with NGOs, social enterprises and startups across Asia and Europe. Her recent work focuses on the animal welfare and alternative protein industry in Asia, including consumer studies on attitudes towards plant-based products and farmed animal welfare in China, as well as landscape analyses of animal advocacy across Asia.


    She is currently studying the intersection of farmed animal welfare and organisational decision-making at the University of Sydney, aiming to apply academic research and entrepreneurial experience to develop effective tools for animal advocacy in Asia. Previously, Jah Ying founded and sold a student sponsorship startup, and led climate change campaigns in China and East Asia.



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    Head of Projects and Operations

    Ella is an experienced project manager in user research and stakeholder engagement. She has led stakeholder and market research projects related to the alt protein industry in China, as well as the animal advocacy movement in Asia. She is also in charge of the distribution of research insights and general operations for Good Growth.


    Prior to joining, she was involved in running sustainability-related training programmes for corporates and government bodies. She also has experience in UX research & design and stakeholder management for a top property developer in Hong Kong and Mainland China. In her spare time, you can find her trying the latest plant-based protein products around town.





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    Jack is a Researcher and Writer at Good Growth. He has 6 years of experience working with academic institutions and NGOs in Asia, Europe and Africa. He started his career in China, where he spent over 4 years conducting ethnographic research with the Hmong/ Miao ethnic group with various academic and NGO research projects.


    Since graduating from a second MA in International Development from Sciences Po, Paris, in 2020, he has conducted research on hospital resilience in China, on movement growth for climate organisations, and on innovation in the nonprofit sector.


    In his spare time, he loves playing percussive guitar, freediving, playing 5-a-side football and cooking ridiculously spicy Chinese food. He speaks fluent Chinese, English and French, and is proficient in Hmong and Japanese.

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